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Welcome to
HARBOR Unlimited!

Helping Families of ALL Abilities in St. Charles County and surrounding areas

HARBOR Unlimited is a nonprofit organization that works closely with families who have a disabled person in their lives. Our mission statement reads, ‘Open arms for all abilities and their families to experience unlimited opportunities.’ We work with all age groups and encourage full families to participate. 

While doctors and specialists focus on what cannot be done, HARBOR Unlimited focuses on the beauty of life and assisting those with special needs to live each day fulfilled and loved. Through events, education, camps, and other meet-ups, our organization serves a wide range of families in and around St. Louis County and the surrounding areas.

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HARBOR stands for...

Hope, Achieve, Reach, Believe, Open arms

All of which we aim for our families to receive through our activities and camp. This leads to our Vision, ‘Inspiring people of all abilities to achieve their potential emotionally, spiritually and physically for an abundant life.’ HARBOR Unlimited places great emphasis on meeting participants of all ages ‘where they are.’ Our summer camp and events throughout the year have helped many families living with autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Down syndrome, and traumatic brain injuries, to name a few. We work with people of all backgrounds, and prefer to focus on their abilities rather than thinking about them as disabilities. HARBOR Unlimited is here to bring light to you and your family.

All Ages

We work with children and adults.


All Abilities

We work with all forms of disabilities  developmental, intellectual, physical.

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Family Participation

We encourage the whole family to join in our programs, not just the individual.


HARBOR Unlimited
Board of Directors

President / Delaine Young
Vice President / Barb Goode
Secretary /Julie Andrews
Treasurer / Becky Oliver

Heather Pennington
Susan Burk

Learn more about HARBOR Unlimited

Interested in getting involved as a volunteer or participant? Scroll below for more information and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our programs. Throughout the year, we run a range of programs for families in and around St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Lincoln County, and the surrounding areas.


Our Partners

Our Sponsors

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